What is True About Living From a Blog?

There are some cases, especially in the USA, who have managed to live on a blog and also very well.

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There are some cases, especially in the USA, who have managed to live on a blog and also very well.

When you read or ask people from the blogosphere, you can see abysmal amounts of income per month (without going any further, one of the most well-known bloggers in Spain is Franck Scipion of “Lifestyle al Cuadrado” which manages to live from his Blog quite well). On the other hand, you see that there are a lot of people who want to make money with a blog on the internet and that they barely earn a few cents a day.

Everything will depend on whether they know how to start a blog, the time they take, the subject, the dedication, and most importantly: their business model.

To talk about the income that a blog can have, we must first differentiate the most used platforms to create blogs.

We all know the most important free platforms in the blogosphere: Blogger and

Is it possible to earn money and live with a blog on these platforms?

The short answer is yes and no.

Let me explain: with these platforms you can have a content as good as if you had it on a payment platform, but there are some limitations that will prevent you from making money with a free blog as if you had a website where you paid for hosting and domain .

You can earn money if you do it well, but it is more difficult, less professional and the amount of what you win will be lower.

Limitations for Blogger and

Advertising Google Adsense: Although a blogger blog can be connected to Adsense, the placement of the ads is quite limited. In you can not put any type of advertising with Adsense. Forget about monetizing your blog in this way, you would need tens of thousands of visits a day to generate decent income.

You are not the owner of your blog: your contents are clearly yours because you have created them, however you depend on these platforms to keep working. That is, if one day or Blogger closes or hacked and lose data from your blog, all your blog will be lost and you will not have the right to claim anything, because it was never your domain.

The domain is unprofessional: Would you buy in a site called I personally do not, the fact of having that surname (wordpress or blogspot) does not generate much confidence.

Not very customizable: these platforms do not say they are good to write or even promote your products or services (with not much success the truth). But being so un-customizable, your blog will be the same in appearance to the thousands of blogs on these platforms.

Affiliate programs: although they are not prohibited to put affiliate links with which to receive a commission for sale, they are quite well suited especially in You will not be able to promote affiliate products that are not large companies. For example you can promote products from Amazon, but if you have a fashion blog and certain stores ask you to advertise their products in exchange for a commission, you will not be able to.

Bad web positioning: if you want to live from a blog you will have to have many visits first; and to get visits in a blog the first thing is to go out in the top positions of the search engines (if your blog appears on page 10, when they search about what you offer in the search engines, nobody will see you).

Both blogger and are very poorly optimized to appear in the top positions. As you have seen, these platforms are not made to sell or promote your business. But if you do not plan to monetize or be able to live blogging you can always make a free blog.

The main advantages of these platforms

You do not need to contract a domain or a hosting, they are completely free.
It allows you to customize something your blog easily and quickly.
It is possible to have a domain of your own (that does not end in or paying but with the same limitations seen above.

Both in blogger (with Google Analytics, here you have a tutorial) and in you can see the statistics regarding visits to your blog.

After seeing the pros and cons you have seen that both the personalization and the monetization of your blog would be quite limited. Therefore, living from a blog with any of this type of media is quite difficult.

However, you can always create a free blog either for love of writing or as a step to move on to create your own blog or website with your own hosting and domain.

As in everything, there will always be exceptions that confirm the rule and maybe you will find some very famous blog that can make money with a blog on a free platform.

As a general rule, people who write blogs on free platforms do not earn enough money to make a living with a blog.

They generate income with their work outside of the online project and very sporadically it is possible that they generate some sales through the blog. But this is much more difficult and the normal thing is that, if they succeed, it is because they have been with their blog for many years. What has allowed your blog to be known by word of mouth and social networks, or simply to have fame by other means (be famous, be known on YouTube, instagram, twitter …).

Hiring your domain and your hosting

This is the method by which most famous bloggers have managed to live from a blog.

The most used platform to create a blog in this way is (not to be confused with .com, which is the free version).

In fact, the CMS (content manager) is free, which is not free is the website where you should install it.

Of course, that is not free does not mean that you will cost a paste. The normal thing is that it does not cost you more than € 8 or € 9 a month, affordable for anyone.

Why would you want to hire your domain and your hosting to have and make money with a blog if you can have it for free?

The answer is simple: you will be the sole owner and you will have absolute control of your blog.

You can customize and monetize your blog as you want.

Of course, you will also get rid of all the limitations of free platforms.

Can you earn money to live from a blog?

My answer to whether you can live on a blog is affirmative, make money with a blog is available to anyone without the need for high technical knowledge.

Generate income with a blog is possible, but from there to be able to live blogging there is a stretch and you have to work hard to get it as if you decide to start in another business. Do not think you’re going to generate passive income that easily.

If you want to know how to make money with a blog keep in mind that there are many different ways that depend on your personality, your business model and how you want to focus your blog and the subject.

However, the vast majority of bloggers do not manage to live on a blog or even approach the Minimum Interprofessional Salary.

I also have to mention that most of these bloggers do not focus on their blog as an exclusive way to make a living.

How to live from a blog

If you really want to live blogging you will have to make a lot of effort, be consistent with your publications, learn and train, have a good business model, get subscribers …

It does not matter if you intend to live on a travel blog, cooking, fashion or whatever you like. The issue is to have passion for what you do and dedicate all the time you deserve.

Even so I do not assure you that you will get it in the short-medium term, but I can assure you that you will generate some money every month once your project is settled and, who knows, maybe in 2 or 3 years with sacrifice and effort you can get a balance of more than 1000 or 2000 € per month.

Throughout my journey with this blog I’ve realized that it is possible to live on a blog, but you have to take it as an online business and not just as a mere blog.

From my experience with my blog and what I am learning every day, if you want to know how to live from a blog you will have to work on these points:

See your professional blog as an online business: get away from free platforms and start a business plan as if it were a physical business. Choose a profitable niche is essential as in any other business.

Work and be consistent: being a professional blogger is a job in itself, and you should take it as such. You will have to spend many hours; work and strive the same or more than if you did it in any other job.

Learn and train in different subjects: nobody is born knowing, but you will have to learn about social networks, online marketing, web positioning, email marketing, sales, affiliation, creation of infoproducts, etc.

Offer own or third party services to obtain income in the short-medium term.
Use affiliate marketing to earn money with your blog promoting products or third-party companies according to your theme with which to earn commissions.

Create your own infoproducts.

If you have arrived here you are probably one of these three classes of people:

I have scared you, you decide to move on from the subject because making a living with a blog is too difficult for you. Maybe you set up a free blog because you like to write.

You have decided to try it, you do not lose much money and the profits, even if they arrive in a few months, even after the first or second year, can solve your life.

You already have a professional blog (not on a free platform) but you’re pretty lost and it’s hard for you to achieve your goals. In this case I recommend you visit my audit service for blogs to see what is wrong and how to fix it.

As not only should you speculate on whether you can earn enough money with a blog or if you can not, this blog was also born with the idea of ​​knowing what is true in all this. And we will see month by month how it is evolving.

I decided to take on the challenge of discovering it for myself and I want you to witness all this.

So if you want to see how I advance in visibility and income, I recommend you go through the monthly reports of the blog.

And you? Do you dare to live from a blog?

Are you generating income with your blog or would you like to learn how to generate them?

Tell me if you’re trying to make a living from blogging and how you’re doing.

Do not hesitate to subscribe and tell me what you think of the article.