Does the Market Create Needs or Satisfy Them?

Does it depend on the market we are talking about? Does it depend on the culture, on the way of living or other factors?

It seems that in the technological field, it is quite evident, we have a series of “needs” that we would have imagined a decade ago. But in other areas, such as food or clothing, gives the feeling that the market is limited to satisfy our need to dress and feed. Or not?

The new technologies

New technologies, mobile phones and computers, to name some, have a certain intrinsic need to innovate, to improve, to remain new, which makes new “needs” appear, which in the beginning are nothing more than new possibilities, destined to make our life easier, more enjoyable, more intense.

A couple of decades ago almost nobody had a mobile phone, and business was done every day and people communicated without major problems. Today you can leave the dog locked up that you do not turn around, but as you forget your mobile you want to turn the plane around in the middle of the ocean. The world moves more and more faster, it seems that if you are not up to the last you will lose something. But, does it only look like it?

Dress and food

Are these sectors, apparently destined to cover primary needs, limited to that?

It is clear that they are not, fashion was invented to have an excuse to renew the costumes, I use the shirts of 6 years ago or 10 years ago, but how I’m going to go out with those clothes that are no longer worn? Fortunately, some of us still resist being slaves to fashion, but are constantly searching for new things, which leads us to the issue of product quality or programmed obsolescence.

Within the food sector, it does not happen that much, as it is very difficult for people to eat for “fashion”, in food it seems that new needs are appearing that are being answered, such as lack of time, creating meals that are prepared without requiring much time, but also others are created, fight against cholesterol (before we did not know that it existed, and probably did not exist) in such a way that new products appear that are “necessary” to be able to maintain our rate of accelerated life, in which we barely have time to prepare a healthy meal, and that influenced by advertising we are consuming what can take away the problems that our deficient diet has caused us.


My conclusion after the reflection is that the market, any market has an “instinct” for conservation, which goes to create new needs, because if it were limited only to meet existing ones, it would not be possible what almost every market has as final goal: continuous growth. I would like you to share this reflection with me.