20 Reasons Why Reading is Important for Our Lives

Reading is one of the cornerstones for the acquisition of knowledge. Reading, is one of the best skills we can acquire. She will accompany us throughout our lives and allow us to acquire knowledge, and understand the world and everything that surrounds us. Also that we can travel anywhere without moving anywhere or that we can be the person we want to be for a moment. And it is that reading opens the doors of knowledge and gives wings to our inspiration and imagination.

Reading opens the doors of knowledge and gives wings to our inspiration and imagination.

This transferred skill is more than necessary. The reading will mark and influence our way of being and, therefore, our lives. From very small we teach the letters and words in the commendable (and necessary) action of teaching. We are all able to remember those first moments of reading and who was at our side to teach us (teachers, relatives …), without realizing the importance that this had.

Reading opens the doors of knowledge and gives wings to inspiration and imagination.

Everything that surrounds us is reading. Right now you are reading this text and a while ago you were reading a note in the elevator, a book, a recipe or a postcard. Reading is communication. Reading is essential to be connected to the world and to people. Without reading we would not know, we would not have information and it would be harder to imagine. Reading is essential and is something that we must feed throughout our lives.

Nobody can forbid us to read, just as they can not forbid us to think or imagine. We are free to do it at the moment we create and to read what we want. Reading keeps us alive and connected. It makes us feel part of something. And there are many reasons why reading (reading) is more than important for our lives. Reasons not exclusive to each other and that may not even have been collected in the following points. After all, reading makes us free and we can feel its benefits in multiple ways.

Reading is essential and is something to feed throughout life.

Reasons why reading is important to all of us:

  • Increase our curiosity and knowledge.
  • It keeps us informed.
  • It awakens our imagination.
  • It feeds inspiration and makes ideas come up.
  • It allows us to connect and put ourselves in the shoes of other people / characters.
  • Exercise our brain: wake up neuronal pathways, activate memory …
  • It makes us remember, know and learn.
  • Free our emotions: joy, sadness, anger, fear, surprise, love …
  • It keeps us busy, entertained and distracted.
  • It allows us to disconnect and evade the world.
  • It allows to know / discover / explore the world better.
  • It allows us to know ourselves better.
  • Makes us able to share / recommend our readings: news, books, articles …
  • It helps to understand texts, improves grammar, vocabulary and writing.
  • Facilitate communication
  • It makes us feel active.
  • And that we can concentrate.
  • It allows relaxation, rest and is even able to reduce stress.
  • Makes us able to investigate the issues that interest us the most.
  • It allows us to grow as people.