WordPress or Blogger. Which is the best option?

When someone launches a new blog, and especially if it is the first time, the most logical thing is to opt for a free blog system. Within all the web design tools available to launch a blog, the most common are two: WordPress and Blogger, and although they may seem very similar, there are small details that can make you decline for one or another. I will tell you what are the advantages that I entrust to WordPress in front of Blogger (also called blogspot), and also the other way around!

Benefits of WordPress

WordPress is a CMS (content manager) open source and free, that we can install in our private hosting and use it freely if we comply with these requirements. We know the version self-hosted on a server and with our own domain as WordPress.org.

On the other hand, we have the option to use WordPress without having a server or domain, thanks to WordPress.com that provides free subdomains, which are the perfect option to create free blogs. These blogs will have an address of: mipagina.wordpress.com and the administration panel will be very similar to the full version of the CMS WordPress.org (the “professional” version of WordPress”), but not with all the options.

For example, in WordPress.com it is not possible to install plugins and you can only use the themes and templates available in your repository (approximately 300).


+ Aesthetics: Although it is true that with Blogger you can make very professional designs, the themes that you can incorporate into your WordPress blogs are very attractive and versatile. It has a good gallery of free themes, and although they are not very customizable, the appearance is excellent and with a bit of CSS you can customize them. If you opt for a WordPress installation in your own domain.

+ Learning curve: If we are thinking of having a serious blog, the logical thing is that in a few months we will take the step and hire our own domain and private hosting. Here there is no doubt, WordPress is the king in front of Blogger, because once you are familiar with the honeycomb of administration, you can easily grow your project to include in the future online store or a user registration site. Therefore, if you have this in mind, why not start publishing content and becoming familiar with WordPress from now on?

+ Gravatar: Although it has fallen into disuse in recent years, Gravatar is a tool that shows your avatar in the comments you make, both in WordPress and other platforms (such as Drupal). If you want to see an example, navigate on this website until the comments section and you will see the photos of the comments.

+ Upload files: One of the biggest problems I find is that in Blogspot you are not able to upload .pdf files, and prepare them for download. Now it can be done through google docs, but it is not the same. At this point, if you are thinking about working with .pdf, your best option is WordPress. Likewise, if you want to upload music or even videos, you can easily do so on WordPress.org or with the premium WordPress.com plan. These are the supported formats for WordPress.com.

+ SEO: (or optimization in search engines) the ease of optimizing images with WordPress, using the alt and title tags, in front of blogger, in which to make the same action, it is necessary to edit in html. The correct management of labels and categories that WordPress allows us is also important.

As you can see, the advantages are above all related to the flexibility and future growth that your project can take. In contrast, WordPress requires some knowledge if you want to get very good results, so the logical thing to do is to start with WordPress.com and then move to WordPress.org with the data importer.

Advantages of Blogger or Blogspot

Blogger is a blog platform that belongs to Google. Like any other Google service, it is necessary to have an email associated with Gmail. The domain that will result from having a blog on Blogger is mipagina.blogspot.com. You can see that just as WordPress.com added its domain, Blogger does the same with Blogspot.com

I have used blogspot or blogger for some specific projects. I think it’s an excellent tool to get started as a blogger, and even some blogs have become famous with bloggers. These are the advantages:

+ Intuitive: It is true that if you want to go deeper, you will have to do it by inserting tags and html codes. But if that does not matter to you, you can get along well. The way to publish articles and upload photos to blogger is quite simple.

+ Integration: By belonging to Google, it is evident the total integration it has with the rest of services, such as Google Docs, Google Plus, YouTube to upload your videos, Google Analytics or Picasa (Picasa has stopped working and now the tool to store photos is Google Photos). If you are already using these services, familiarizing yourself with the blogger environment is very simple.

+ Community: Although WordPress also has an equally large community, if it is true that the blogger community is something more active. The visibility of the widget with your blogger followers can not be missing if you opt for a blogsopt domain.
Edition: the truth is that in recent years this trend has changed, being more used WordPress in front of Blogger and therefore having more WordPress users, giving back to this advantage.

+ Customizable: it is true that, although it is complex, it is necessary to know some HTML, with Blogger you can get a total customization. On the other hand, the default themes are somewhat limited, but do not fail to give a serious and professional aspect.

+ Web Space: Blogger boasts of not having a space limit for their blogs. When using the Google Photos service with unlimited upload and YouTube for videos, the truth is that we never have to worry about the amount of megas that we upload to our blog. In WordPress.com the available space is 3GB for the free plan and if you use WordPress.org it will depend on the hosting you hire.

+ Advertising: for all those who want to monetize and obtain economic performance from their blog through Google Adsense advertising, Blogspot is the best option in front of WordPress.com. It comes with Widgets ready to drag and drop your ad units, while WordPress.com is not allowed to use this system. If you want to insert advertising you have to use WordPress.org.

My advice to decide between WordPress or Blogger

As you have seen, both tools are equally powerful, and will undoubtedly depend on how and who will use them.

If you are going to create a blog with a professional purpose, or with the future idea of ​​going a step further and having your own website, I would definitely opt for WordPress.

If you have doubts about the system, before making an investment try WordPress.com, which is free and once you decide to contract your own domain and hosting, the move to WordPress.org is simple, and at least the environment, the Widgets , the way to create menus and the tool will already be familiar to you.

If you are going to create a personal blog, for hobby, or to share it with friends, I would stay with blogger, you have it integrated in your Gmail profile, you are familiar with the Google environment, and if you are not going to squeeze much more, blogger It is your tool.

Where to start with WordPress and Blogger

Whether you consider using WordPress or Blogger there are a number of elements that you have to take into account and that affect both platforms equally. Advice on writing for the web, choice of logo, colors for your blog… in short, everything that surrounds the creation of blogs and content writing is applicable to both platforms. So from now, welcome to the world of blogging!