15 Tips to Increase Visits to Your Blog

“Create a link through which you can market your dream products. Create a blog or a website of your own depending on what you want to be recognized for. Share your experiences through these media.”

By Israelmore Ayivor.

There are hundreds of tricks to increase visits to your blog. And, the most curious of all, is that they are always repeated and advised. You will probably know more than enough that being well positioned in the main search engine results is vital to generating traffic. And achieving organic rankings is even better.

But does this mean that all your strategies to increase visits to your blog should focus on SEO? Are the best solutions those that lead you to write for the search engines? Are there no alternatives beyond these types of strategies?

You must take into account these two fundamental aspects:

The main challenge of a blogger is to create a solid audience. That is, it needs to be seen. Especially if it has just started.

Almost all the information that a content creator finds on the Internet about how to increase visits to your blog is always the same.

1.- Hand out business cards at events

When you go to congresses or fairs that concern your business, you also surround yourself with professionals from your same sector. And better yet, you have the possibility to share time, ideas and opinions with companies that have needs that you can cover yourself. Why not take advantage of this opportunity?

Who says that traditional methods can not help you in your digital strategies? The “before” and the “now” had never complemented each other so well.

In fact, the best advice is to mix the physical format (in this case a card) with the digital format, which would be the QR code. And you distribute this letter of presentation in events, congresses and talks. Why?

Keep in mind that nowadays, most of the population has a smartphone. People who attend conferences and events will not leave their devices at home. Especially because they themselves will work digital strategies to increase their business.

This favors you personally. The simple fact that your card includes a QR code that directs the user to your blog, will increase your visits exponentially. In fact if your card does not include the QR, the chances of that person coming to your blog decrease considerably. Who will write, letter by letter, the address of your blog when the event ends?

2.- The business cards that you collect are more valuable than the ones you deliver

And now you will understand why.

Hand out cards is interesting to increase visits to your blog and let you know. But in case you stay with others, the chances of making that person go to your website or your blog are doubly higher.

The best advice is to write small notes on the back of the card. They point to ideas about the conversations you have had with their owners. Mutual interests, concerns, etc. This way you will know exactly for what purpose you will have to go to that user in the future and what information to provide to go directly to a post on your blog.

3.- When you are networking, leave the comfort zone

The third exercise is also carried out in the offline framework. And when you understand it, you will realize that on more than one occasion you have fallen into this trap.

How many times, when you attend an event, have you surrounded yourself with acquaintances? Probably on most occasions. But the simple fact of surrounding yourself with the people you better take with you will prevent you from expanding your network of contacts. In fact, the more varied and plural a professional network, the better advantages you will get.

For that reason you should not discard someone who does not think the same as you or who does not know you. In diversity is wealth.

4.- Never stop investing in your network of contacts

One of the best tips to increase visits to your blog is that you never stop saving time or effort in feeding your network. Especially since this is a profitable source of investment.

You need to make regular calls to old contacts, send and answer emails frequently, go to all kinds of events that are related to your sector, etc. The only way to create closer ties is to be proactive.

5.- Giving and receiving, that is the key to networking

A study by the Pepperdine University Graziadio School studied the practices of 600 professionals. His way of working and cooperating with others made it clear that at the time when one has more responsibilities, they favor the rest of the network of contacts, since it benefits one way or another.

That is, cooperation makes communication flow and relationships strengthen. Therefore, if you grow up with your network of contacts and vice versa, both of you will win.

6.- Transmedia storytelling, take advantage of all your channels

Your goal today is to increase visits to your blog. And you can support yourself in all your channels to get it. In this way you will not only achieve your goal, but you will keep the flame alive with your users through all the platforms and you will generate a closer link for each of them.

Storytelling has always had a supernatural force when it comes to engaging the public and attracting customers. And if above all you use elements such as humor, emotions and include characters, you will achieve that your contents are read from beginning to end.

You can start the story with a newsletter and direct, from there, users to your Facebook account, where it continues with a video. That video can end with a link to your web page and from there you can relate the content to your blog.

In this way, those users who, for example, have subscribed to your newsletter but do not follow you on networks, may do so too.

7.- Visits to your blog will not increase if the upload speed is not good

The loading speed of a web is one of the crucial aspects nowadays. Especially since it directly affects search engine positioning.

You see, to be in that ranking that was spoken at the beginning you should not only optimize your content for SEO, but also make sure that your pages load at a specific speed. Since Google does not tolerate the slowness. And as a user you know that others do not either.

8.- Design questions and answers

The questions and answers are ideal to generate traffic and strengthen relationships with your audience. The moment you know which are the most repeated concerns or the most frequent doubts among your audience, you will only have to launch new content that focuses on solving unknowns.

In this case, the most advisable thing is that you send emails to your subscribers, open debates and ask questions, through networks, which are the issues that most concern or the doubts that could be deepened.

Users will see that you have them in mind and that you bother to solve their doubts. And those potential users that you have not yet managed to get will also approach you to solve certain problems.

9.- Guest Posting

One of the main habits of the main digital marketing leaders is to make Guest posting.

Although it is one of the most repeated recommendations in the mouth of any professional, this guide would not be complete without its inclusion. As you know, it is a totally valuable technique to generate web traffic. Especially since it manages to attract totally qualified traffic. That’s why you should always consider this option.

10.- Increase visits to your blog with content curation

Some of the benefits that an adequate strategy of content curation will provide you are:

You will achieve a better positioning. Creating quality content is much more likely to be shared among users. With what Google will give you more relevance. And in addition, you will reach new audiences.
Traffic. The fact that it helps you improve your web positioning automatically means an increase in your visibility and, obviously, visits.
Inspiration. There are content curation platforms that allow you to group content related to a specific topic. A task of great value to serve as inspiration in the worst moments and to be able to get out of the way.
You will gain followers.
You will decrease the infoxication.
The curation of content is ideal to improve your image and the online reputation of your brand.

11.- Create new formats with the existing contents

One of the exercises you can try to increase visits to your blog is to convert part of the main message of the post into an image. This way you will be able to solve two questions at the same time:

On the one hand, you make the message of the chosen social network attractive. Since as you know, the visual contents always take the cake.

Also, in the case that the user decides not to go to the blog, at least knows the message you want to launch from the post.

12.- Mention in networks the people you mention in your posts, especially on Twitter

And if you still do not have a profile on Twitter, you should be doing it, since it is one of the social networks to increase visits to your blog.

Mentioning other users is a tactic that implies great power. And it does not have any complication. Look at your posts, I’m sure that on more than one occasion you have used examples from other brands. These examples can help you more than you think.

A simple mention will make those users share the tweet with their followers. And this will improve, safely, traffic data to the blog from Twitter.

By the way, an intelligent action is to identify the influencers of the sector in which your company operates. Especially those who have interesting communities on Twitter. And try to reference them in your posts.

13.- Marketing of influencers

Influencers are one of the safest bets for a while. In fact, as the latest studies point out, most users rely more on the advertising that comes from third parties than in traditional advertising.

Therefore never close the doors to this alternative, as it could be key to help you increase visits to your blog.

14.- Publish the post in news’ aggregators

One of the best alternatives to increase visits to your blog is to add your posts on websites like Flipboard or Pocket so that users have access to them even if it is not directly from your own website.

15.- Sponsored posts

Supporting yourself in influencer marketing is a very good alternative to attract potential customers to your website. However, when you already have a solid audience, you can take advantage to earn money and also attract even more potential users.

Sponsored posts are articles written by a blogger for a brand in exchange for money. It has its appeal for both parties. That is, on the one hand bloggers collaborate with brands and test their services and products for free. And the brands, in this case you, gain visibility to new audiences and manage to increase visits to your blog or your website.