The Difficulty of Hiring Talent in a Startup

“Talent hits a target no one else can hit. Genius hits a target no one else can see.”

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“Talent hits a target no one else can hit. Genius hits a target no one else can see.”

By Arthur Schopenhauer.

Capturing and retaining talented professionals has always been (or should be) the main concern of the management of a company. Without a quality human talent it is impossible for an organization to grow and be competitive, therefore we can affirm that decisions about the human talent that an organization makes determine to a great extent its success.

What is human talent?

The “human talent” is the intellectual capacity and ability that a person has to learn easily or to develop with great skill an activity with a positive and favorable attitude to achieve the objectives of an organization.

Do we all need the same talent?


In fact, not having certain technical knowledge all profiles are going to fit well in an organization since each company needs a different type of talent and there are professionals who develop better in some organizations than in others, depending on various variables such as can be the objectives, capabilities or the fit with the corporate culture, among others.

And what can we do those responsible for making equipment?

On many occasions, especially at the beginning of our projects, we are wrong.

Have you ever made a selection process and the selected person has turned out to be unsuitable?

Have you ever thought that the values ​​of an employee are not in line with the philosophy of your company?

Have you ever chosen the best of the worst options for the need to fill a position urgently?

For the solution to all these questions, and others equally relevant, are based on a correct analysis and description of the jobs (ADJ). The objective of an Analysis and Description of Jobs is none other than to define in a clear and simple way the tasks that are going to be carried out in a certain position and the diverse factors that are necessary to carry them out successfully since A good part of the employee’s success in the performance of his work is given by his degree of adaptation to the functions of the position, but also to the environment.

Based on a correct ADJ we can evaluate the capabilities of professionals to detect their potential and their most exceptional skills and select those more aligned with our organization.

Retain talent. The next step.

Equally important that capturing talent is to retain it and this is only achieved by taking care of people and aligning their expectations to the objectives of our company. It will be necessary an investment of time for the conversation in order to know their interests and motivations, a time periodically to perform their evaluation of performance and an open channel of communication with the teams to identify problems and potential conflicts.

Nowadays, to think that the only motivation of an employee to remain in an organization is the economic salary that he / she receives is an outdated thought and we must consider the so-called “emotional salary” that complements the economic one and that often offers more satisfaction for the employee. The objective of the emotional salary is to positively incentivize the employee’s image of their work environment and increase their productivity, as well as to satisfy the personal, family or professional needs that they manifest, improving their quality of life and fostering a good organizational climate.

Although it seems obvious, it is worth remembering that maintaining a motivated team is the best way to have an involved team.