The 7 Best Tricks to Attract and Hire Talent

“Mediocrity knows nothing higher than itself; but talent instantly recognizes genius.”

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“Mediocrity knows nothing higher than itself; but talent instantly recognizes genius.”

By Arthur Conan Doyle.

1. Humanize your job offers

When you write job offers, write them as if you were explaining them to your ideal candidate. Imagine that you have it in front of you and you have to convince him. The best candidates will ignore your offer if it is written in third person, style “The selected candidate will have …” if I read … the selected candidate will do anything … I am understanding that it is not me! Speak to me, tell me: if you work with us, you will do this and that.

If you want candidates to be interested in your offer, talk to them as you would in person.

2. Spread your offer as a good marketer

a) How do the marketing to make the products known? They are going to look for their target audience. They do not advertise everywhere and then complain that the contacts that reach them are bad. They optimize the channels where they put their efforts. You can also do the same by recruiting.

If you know which channels work best according to the type of offer, you will always know where to post your offers first. And not only publish, how we will talk at a point of those who come, the first thing you have to do is to publicize your offer among your workers, contacts and customers.

b) If you want to make your offers a little more known, make them known among your followers and fans of your company on social networks.

 If you have Facebook, it may also be interesting to have the employment tab, on your company page.

c) Use keywords. If you want your ideal candidates to find your offer, add the keywords at the end of your offer, so that it comes out better positioned and has better SEO. And to better positioning, more valid candidates, since they are looking for that type of offers.

d) Build a segmented database to which you can send a message every time you have an offer that fits the segment of your database. The more you grow, the less effort you will have to make to find your candidate.

3. Eliminate obstacles

The best candidates, those who can most help your company, are not willing to overcome any obstacles in the process of applying. I am talking about the obstacles that some recruitment ERPs put up with very long forms or asking that they apply by sending their CV in an email.

This ERP or email address is what stands between your selection technicians and brilliant candidates.

Eliminate these obstacles and install a tool that allows to apply investing less than a minute and from any device, and that no candidate is raised whether to apply or not for your long form.

4. Treat your candidates as if they were clients

This sounds like a topic. But I am sure that your commercials do not leave any email without answering from a possible client. Well the same applies to your candidates. Not only because they can be your future employees but because each of the candidates has friends and colleagues. And you do not want to get a bad reputation, believe me.

Make sure that each of your applicants receives a personalized response when they apply and receive follow-up on how the process progresses or when it is discarded. Even if the answer is negative, the candidates value it positively. You can read more about how to improve this here.

The objective of these emails is to have a good reputation and get the candidate to keep their interest in the offer and in your company and automate these emails, it’s very easy.

5. Your Employer Branding works very well

Any candidate that comes to your website, your Facebook page or any other online channel of your company, has to make them think “Wow, I would love to work in a company like this”. Take as an example Territorio Creativo, a consulting agency for Social Media Marketing. If you look at their Instagram page, you will see how they enjoy working there.

6. Give a referral bonus to your employees

If you do not want to be waiting for talent to find you or you do not have time to look for yourself, be it the CEO or the human resources director, make it your workers who will help you with the search.

If you offer a referral bonus to the employee that brings the perfect candidate, you will encourage your workers to find the person that fits the position.

7. If you find the ideal candidate, move quickly

The tendency of some recruiters is to wait until they have seen a few candidates before making the decision, even if they have a candidate that fits very well.

If you have a person that fits well with the offer, move quickly, before being hired by another company.


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