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7 Basic Points to Find Out that Your Blog Will Never Exceed 50 Visits per Day

“We are faced with the incredible challenge of creating high quality content for a crowd of skimmers. The faster you understand this, the more effective your content tactics will become.”

By Laura Busche.

Your blog does not exceed 50 visits per day? There may be good reasons for this. Most of the points you find in this post are part of common sense but what I see is what in many cases fails if your blog does not want to start.

Carrying a blog if you have a tight schedule can already be a complicated task (although possible). If you also want readers to reach your blog that interact with your content, you have to take care of some basic details. Having a blog is not that complicated. Even so, when it comes to taking care of it and updating it, it often seems that many bloggers fail.

Here are 7 basic points to resume the blog with force:

1. Failure to update frequently: if you publish a post on the blog every 2 months, the search engines will never have enough content to index you well. You will have difficulties to build the loyalty of your blog audience.

2. Use of duplicate content: since the last update of Google “Panda” we know that copying content and pasting it into your blog is useless. You will even be penalized for it.

3. Lack of focus: your reader has to be clear about what topic you write. Although you may be a very versatile person, it is not advisable to mix everything with different types of content in the same blog.

4. Advertising overload: a site that is “Made for Adsense” (MFA) “smells” at first glance. Apart from being penalized in the ranking by the search engines, you will see that the user will flee from your page once landed.

5. Spam comments: a blog is like a house. If you do not keep it coming down. I see blogs that have spam because they do not moderate comments. There are even plugins to identify and block them although I prefer to do it manually.

6. Lack of structure and design: use a clean structure in the content and a professional design reflects directly on the perception of the quality of content and the authority of the blogger. An “ugly” blog does not create trust. There are exceptions but in these cases people already have previous experience because before launching a blog they were already known.

7. Lack of integration and connection with social networks: in the same way that a blog contributes a lot to your Twitter account, social networks in general help to generate alien traffic from Google. Part of the conversation is not done in the blog.


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