How Often do I Have to Write a Post on my Blog?

“Writing is not a hobby. It’s the only way I get to shut up the demons in my head.”

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“Writing is not a hobby. It’s the only way I get to shut up the demons in my head.”

By Mark Maish.

In terms of frequency, there are some key points that we should all know or take into account.

Beginning bloggers tend to ask themselves how often they should write and really the correct answer is: it depends. It does not depend on how famous you are as some said, nor on the positioning, the factors are others, and to know them, first you will have to ask yourself:

  • What kind of content do you publish?
  • How long does it take your readers to digest your posts?
  • Who are your readers?
  • With what resources do you account?

Type of content

Mashable, Techcrunch, there are thousands of blogs that publish hundreds of posts a week, however, that does not mean that you have to do the same to succeed. This type of blogs generate content of the day and that is why they constantly write to offer their users what they are looking for: to be up-to-date.

Knowing the type of content you are going to publish will give you the key: if you are going to publish news or content of this type, that is, “for the mainstream”, then you should publish several times a day.

However, if you write advanced tutorials, “how-tos”, studies, detailed analyzes, etc. This type of content may be published less frequently, usually no more than once a day. Your user will need to digest it, so giving many of these each day will not be optimal.

Your audience

How long do you manage to retain your users in your posts? What kind of users are they? Depending on who your buyer is, you will be able to know what kind of content you should do and how often.

If they are professionals of the sector, they will have a lot of interest but little time, so your content must be correctly digested. Specify and group well what you want to tell and do not publish too often if this is your audience.

If your buyer is a teenage fan of the gaming sector, they will have a lot more time but they will not pay as much attention: they publish a lot during the day in short format and in audiovisual format.

Resources, blessed resources

You will want to publish 30 times a week but you really only have time to do it 3 times. The key then will be that those 3 posts that you publish are worth the wait. Start making content that your users say “WOW” and you will see how the frequency goes to the background, they will wait for that content as much as necessary.

Think something important, if you publish every day, your users will not feel that they miss you and create that feeling towards your brand is vital to build a reputation.

For example, many blogs are famous for the week, they have a lot of traffic, and then on weekends they get nothing, so why waste that time and resources? Enjoy the weekend with the family, they will thank you.

Frequency matters, but it is not the most important

Forget what the “gurus” say, know your readers and know how to personally determine how much you should publish depending on your type of content and your audience is the key.

Now, regardless of the frequency, you will not succeed if your content is not good, remember: different, quality and unique content is the determining factor of the success of your blog. Make content that is worth waiting for, only that way it will not matter to you the frequency. And if not, ask yourself, as a reader, what do you prefer? 7 posts, one a day, of lousy content, or 1 spectacular post a week?