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How to create a successful blog

“Some creators shy away from systems because they seem overpowering and rigid. However, in reality, strong systems are the only way in which you will ever have time and space for flexibility. This is true for content production, business, and many other areas of life.”

By Laura Busche.

Have you ever thought about creating your own blog? If you have done it, you have surely found yourself with the doubt of not knowing very well how to start, even being clear about what you would like to talk about.

Here you can find some tips and tricks to launch yourselves as bloggers and create your own personal blogs.

The first important point is to be natural.

Be yourself

The first of all is “being natural, being yourself” and not practicing self-censorship. And we should not be conditioned by the opinions of the environment or the comments received, just as it is not advisable to yield to external requests, since we would lose credibility. Our blog is our personal brand, our hallmark, and we have to be clear that everything that is produced from our workspace should be a reflection of ourselves.

Create your own blog

Once this starting point is internalized, read the following seven practical recommendations that we must follow if we want to have a successful blog:

  • IMPACTING TITLE. It is our biggest hook so, in addition to taking into account the SEO recommendations, we must choose it carefully trying to find the most appealing phrase to the reader.
  • CORRECTLY WRITTEN VALUE CONTENT. It is very important that the content of our blog is a quality content and is well written, both purely spelling and punctuation.
  • ATTRACTIVE DESIGN. A blog that enters through the eyes is one that has an attractive interface, is well illustrated, takes care of typography and visually transmits an idea according to its contents.
  • LIMITED EXTENSION. We have to take into account that we write for the internet, so Beatriz recommends that our post does not exceed the 4 paragraphs, or the length of a screen.
  • SAME PERIODICITY. It is important to follow a publication dynamic and take into account the same intervals and dates to post.
  • CONNECTION WITH SOCIAL NETWORKS. This is a very effective self-promotion exercise, since we can generate traffic to our blog through our networks, which should be consistent.
  • INTERACTION WITH READERS. It is advisable to have open the option to comments and respond to them, whenever they are appropriate. In addition, we must know how to fit the criticisms and use them to improve in the future.

Follow these tips, lose your fear and launch yourself as a blogger. Sure you have a lot to tell.

How to create a successful blog
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