How Much Money can be Earned With a Blog?

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This is a question that many readers should have thought about sometime and that is quite complex to answer. How much money can be earned with a blog? You can earn a lot of money… and also very little.

I know how you feel, you may not have a job and you need to generate income, or maybe you have it but you would like to go online to someday dedicate yourself to it, or maybe just to generate extra income.

Whatever your case, I’m sure you’re curious about how much money can be earned monthly with a blog.

It is difficult to give a concrete answer, because what you get to win with your blog will depend on several factors, but I will try to clarify your ideas as much as I can.

Making money with a blog is possible, although not easy.

90% of bloggers do not earn more than € 100 per month.

More than 80% of blogs end up abandoned before their first 12 months of existence.


Because many beginner bloggers think that they only have to make a blog and write in it for a couple of months and with that they will start earning enough money to start traveling around the world, filling their Instagram account with photos of paradisiacal beaches.

Making money online is not easy and you need to follow a series of guidelines and above all, be constant and patient.

If you’re desperate to make money quickly do not think you’re going to get it with a blog.

But I do not want to change the subject. What you can earn with a blog depends on several factors, such as the following:

Theme of your blog

It will never generate the same blog on funny Youtube videos as one on car insurance.

Your blog’s competence

It will be much easier for you to position yourself in Google with the keywords “cheap fish tanks” than with the keywords “hire hosting”.

Web traffic of your blog

Web traffic is synonymous with money on the Internet.

You can not make money online if you do not receive visitors, but that does not mean that you only have to dedicate yourself to generating the greatest number of visits.

There are blogs that with 3,000 monthly visits generate more money than others with 3,000 daily visits.

Method of monetization of your blog

It is not the same to monetize your blog only with Google Adsense, than doing it with affiliate programs or offering your own products or services.

Your income can vary greatly depending on the monetization method you use.

A tip: Do not focus on visits, focus on the method to earn money.

Many people are obsessed with the search of keywords with the Google Adwords Tool, and it’s not bad, I also like to do it, but to create a project that is successful on the Internet is not about searching the SEO keywords with more searches monthly

Take the next step and think about how you are going to monetize your blog.

Many bloggers only choose a keyword with thousands of searches to position their blog in it and monetize it with Adsense, without realizing that they will have to work hard to get it, and then they may only generate € 150/month.

Is it worth the effort?

Affiliate programs give much more juicy commissions, and even marketing your own product can be much more profitable.

The important point is: you need to look for the problems that people have and how they can solve these problems with your product or service.


You can win € 100/month, or you can win € 10,000/month, it’s up to you … it depends on what we’ve talked about before.

John Chow earns more than $ 100,000/month.
Pat Flynn does not usually lose $ 50,000/month.
Darren Rowse usually earns between $ 10,000 and $ 30,000/month.

As I have already mentioned, there are also thousands of bloggers who do not reach € 100/month, and many other thousands who do not earn anything.

What is clear is that the effort is worth it.