Making Money on a Blog with Advertising

“Great losses are great lessons.”

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“Great losses are great lessons.”

By Amit Kalantri.

Making money on a blog with advertising is a much more complex world than typical Adsense advertising.

In this field you have to distinguish three different types because not all blogs serve to earn a lot of money with advertising:

  • Put ads on your website
  • Sponsored post or reviews
  • Sponsors

Put ads on your blog

We enter the most well-known part of Internet advertising: allow ads to appear on your website.

We have all seen this type of ads since they are usually placed in strategic areas: sidebar, header, footer or within the content.

As a blogger and, depending on the subject and how to earn money that best suits your blog, you must discern between putting ads that compromise the user experience or not use in certain places.

The profitability of these ads will depend on the visits that your website has. And within this type of ads we can find:

  • CPC advertising ads
  • CPA advertising ads
  • Private ads

CPC advertising ads (cost per click)

Although there are more platforms that use this type of advertising, the best known and used is Google Adsense.

Once you register on one of these platforms, they will give you different ad codes to place throughout your website.

The ads that are displayed on your blog are not chosen by you, it is Google that makes an analysis of the theme of your website and will show ads related to it (if any) or ads that interest your reader.

You will get a small profit for each click that users make on the ads. The price of each click will depend on the platform, the theme, the keywords of the page and the competition in that niche.

Can you really make money with Google Adsense?

This is another question quite common in the world of blogging. The answer is Yes. You can earn money (and quite a lot) with Google Adsense.

In fact, if you want to know how to make money with a blog (Google’s free blogging platform), this is one way to do it.

The bad thing about using Adsense ads as a way to make money with a blog is that you will need thousands of visits to be really profitable and not all blogs are able to reach a sufficient number of visits.

This will depend on the niche of your blog but for professional or personal blogs is not an option. For example, in blogs of this type you would not win more than € 10 with 10,000 visits per month.

Which types of blogs make you earn money with Adsense?

Blogs from a particular niche will have large amounts of daily visits and will be able to get enough money thanks to Google Adsense ads.

But for this you will have to make a good market study to find niches that pay well for click and in addition, you will have to have high knowledge in SEO to get to get a good number of visits that will give you an acceptable income at the end of the month.

You can use the Google Keyword Planner to know the competence of the keywords.

CPA Advertising (Cost Per Action)

A lesser known type of advertising for blogs is CPA advertising or Cost Per Action.

As its name suggests, you will receive a commission every time a user does a certain action.

The actions are varied; from leaving your phone number or your contact email to conducting surveys, filling out a form, booking a product or service or even making a small purchase.

The operation is the same as with CPC ads: you put the ads on your blog and if the user clicks on your ad and takes the action, you will receive money.

You have to take into account both sides of the coin in this way to make money with a blog. On the one hand, if it is already difficult for a user to click on an add (as we saw in CPC advertising), it will be more difficult for them to perform an action on the landing page to which the ad is carried.

The other side of the coin is that, although the conversions are lower, the commissions are higher compared to CPC advertising.

You have to know that users are reluctant to leave some data or even fill out a survey, so if you decide on this monetization route you should create a blog with a lot of authority so that users trust what you promote.

Private ads

Private ads are virtually the same as CPC ads.

In their visual form they are practically the same as any other advertisement. They are usually used in banners, gifs or buttons in the sidebar or in the header of blogs.

The difference lies in the way in which money is earned.

Private advertisers usually contact the blogger directly and a fixed price agreement is reached to put their banner on the blog during a certain period (usually monthly).

As a blogger, you can also contact you with advertisers and offer some kind of agreement. Of course, the earnings you will receive depend directly on the authority and visibility of your blog.

These ads are more profitable because you do not charge for each click you make, but for keeping the ad visible on your website for a certain time.


If your blog is also very popular or you include a weekly podcast or video, it is very common to find companies that propose to be your sponsor in exchange for you promoting them.

This type of sponsor can be with money or with a service or free product by the company. It is a type of private ads but it does not necessarily have to go on ads within the web (they can be in the newsletter, as recommendations in videos, etc.).

Advice on Sponsors:

Do not be afraid to negotiate. The blog is yours and you have full control over it. It is you who must put the price that you think is convenient.

Learn to say NO. Many times you will get companies that want to be your Sponsor and not go 100% according to your principles as a blogger. Saying is not something that you will have to do many times and it is better to do it to compromise the trust your readers have in you.

Do not be content with receiving free things. Having free payment things is cool, I do not say no to you. But we do not always need them, and in that case you should not accept having something free if you do not need it. If they really want to be your sponsor they will offer you something you need, be it money or another service.