How to Get Visibility in a Newly Launched Blog?

“Do not confuse location with direction. Location is where you are, direction is where you are going.”

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“Do not confuse location with direction. Location is where you are, direction is where you are going.”

By Laura Busche.

We all want to be read. We all want to know how to get more visits.

Some Steps to start this fantastic journey:

Create the “Viable Minimum Blog” first before you start with your visibility plan

Would you go out and sing in public without having done your homework before?

I would try to prepare myself, do repetitions and once I feel ready, I would throw myself with a lot of excitement and desire to do so.

With your blog you will have to do the same.

If you show lack of consideration you will receive an exemplary punishment: you will never be visited again (not updating the blog, loading speed very low, etc.).

Before answering the question how to get more visits in a blog, you should be sure that your blog is ready to receive visits.

Do your homework first

Make it clear on your home page and in the messages of your pages who you are and what you do. It is very important that you have your value proposal defined, so that everyone who arrives understands your mission with this blog.

You must have an “About” page where you explain who you are and why it is important to listen to you. Oh! And know that without a photo, you close the door for people to connect with you. It is not what you want. Put a picture of yourself, and if you can transmit “positive waves” with this picture, better than better!

Your boot content should present the best of you. You must have some posts prepared for the launch day, and that they be good articles (remember the effect of the first impression). Bet on quality versus quantity.

Make your editorial line clear These boot contents should present the topics in which you will be developing. Bet on the relevance and focus instead of a generalist dissemination line.

I recommend you have a page of a service or “Work with me” already created. You are a professional and you want to show that you are not doing a leisure blog, or for the love of art. You live what you count.

Do not forget to add a subscription box to capture the emails of your readers. That list of subscribers will be your readers to build loyalty, and your future customers.

You do not need more than two weeks to prepare these output contents. Set a release date and do not delay it.

Choose a realistic publication plan

Once you have finished with the boot content, you should decide on a cruise rhythm for your content.

Choose the publication rate you choose (ideally, one post a week) do not stop it, for at least 6 months and ideally 12 months.

More than betting on a high publication frequency (which can be difficult to reconcile with the rest of your tasks), it is above all a matter of consistency.

Being consistent with the publication of entries in your blog shows coherence and commitment to Google (and he likes this, believe me) and also respect and desire to develop serious relationships with your readers (and believe me, they will like it too).

Also for you, integrate a reasonable work routine in your week for your blog can be assimilated without much risk.

Write to attract people that interest you, not everyone

When you make your plan, think about who you want to attract.

It is better to have fewer visits but these are from the profile of your ideal client, than to have thousands of them from people who will never buy you.

And we agree that we are setting up a blog for a business, not to become freaks that become famous for their stories, right?

Choose useful content, relevant and focused on the problem you want to solve your customers.

You will see the difference as brands.

The factors of a launch promotion plan for a blog

Personal Networking

It’s obvious, right?

Well every time I chat with a newbie blogger, I realize that this work has not been done.

Well I think this is a step to be taken very seriously.

My recommendation: prepare an A4 sheet with the mission of your blog (make clear your promise of value and who is your ideal client) the main benefits of your project and try to define what you want people to do for you to help you give visibility to your project.

Choose only one thing, try to customize your request for each person and then launch the following strategy:

  • Take the time to see your friends for a coffee or eat together.
  • Ask them about their news and if you can help them.
  • At the time of dessert, start telling your story, your project.
  • Do it with judgment, step by step, reviewing the chuletilla that you will have prepared.
  • Ask what you have to ask, directly.
  • Keep in mind one thing. Not all your contacts / friends will be interested and / or relevant in order to give visibility to your blog.
  • Save yourself the hassle of asking someone for something you will hardly be able to contribute something to your project.

And of course it values ​​this traditional networking of cafes, events and meetings as something that has always worked and will continue to work for online businesses.

Contribute value and comment on blogs / forums / conversations in social media relevant to your topic

Another obvious tactic infra-used by novice bloggers: comment on blogs related to the theme of your own blog.

It seems unnatural, to collaborate with your competition!

Yes, change the chip as soon as possible, because the best way to build an audience is to go find it in blogs that already have it.

It provides value in conversations, with comments that complete and reinforce the content of the post. It is a double touch of attention:

First for the blog author.
Second for blog readers.
It is important that you contribute value, not that you try to promote your blog.

Let the curiosity do the rest.

Trick: always use your name (and not a keyword) when you comment on a blog and, if you want, you can refer directly to your “About” page, since the readers who will arrive in that way on your blog go to want to know who you are and how you can help them.

All of us who have a blog want readers who really participate in conversations, not spammers who only want to put a link to position themselves better in Google.

And this you can apply equally to comments on forums, conversations on twitter, social networking groups and other media.

So this online networking will integrate you into the network of visible people pushing you up with a lot of force.

The strategic dissemination posts

The third way to explore is to choose a popular topic in the network and do a research work.

Well summarize a good content, and prepare a collection of free resources PDF types or Presentations.

So it is likely that you get your entry to become popular on social networks.

You can also focus on creating some “epic post.”

I’m talking about mega tutorials or very elaborate posts that contain a very high value for readers.

These posts are very easy to share because people see that it is useful information that everyone should know.


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