“Everyone has an idea, but it’s really about executing the idea and attracting other people to help you with the idea.”

By Jack Dorsey.

Importance of Vocation to Start a Business

In most of the countries in the world, there are huge differences between what companies look for and what people who finish their studies offer. We have also opened the path of entrepreneurship as an alternative, still a minority, for those who do not find their space in what the job offer presents.

Many voices are raised asking that the studies of all these people should be complemented with subjects that give training on entrepreneurship. That would be a great step for those who have the initiative to explore that path, but before that, we must consider promoting the vocation of the entrepreneur.

Because it is not only necessary for entrepreneurs to develop their initiative with as much knowledge as possible, it is also necessary to establish an entrepreneurial spirit.

The first step should be aimed at developing this initiative in people. Because entrepreneurship is an attitude and the knowledge acquired is useless if the person who receives them does not find the idea of ​​creating a company and dedicating the effort and sacrifices necessary for their support attractive.

We can understand that each one is choosing his own vocation from the moment he makes decisions and directing his steps towards a specific activity or profession. Architects, biologists, lawyers, mechanics, commercials, painters, etc. each one is looking for his space according to his preferences when performing a task, either through higher studies, media, professional training or apprenticeship

But to start a business, you need a plus. In addition to the inherent vocation to work, you need that spirit. That initiative, that attitude that separates those who want to do that task independently of those who prefer to perform it for others. Therefore, training must be aimed at both giving future entrepreneurs the necessary knowledge and at fostering the vocation to undertake.

If there is no vocation, there will be no entrepreneurs. However much we pretend to teach people how to do it.


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