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“The internet is the first thing that humanity has built that humanity doesn’t understand, the largest experiment in anarchy that we have ever had.”

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“The internet is the first thing that humanity has built that humanity doesn’t understand, the largest experiment in anarchy that we have ever had.”

By Eric Schmidt.

It is a concept that synthesizes the current situation of the human being in which he lives permanently connected to information through different devices such as radio, television, internet and mobile phone.

ICT (Information and Communication Technologies) have constituted a technological revolution. They have opened new doors to human relations, labor, research, entertainment, education and many others.

We have gone from direct to indirect communication. Thanks to them we can be in contact with people from the other part of the world and follow their lives as if they were close. Distances and limits make it shorter, allow us to have access to all kinds of information almost unlimited, thanks to social networks we can know the latest news minutes after they happen. We are more connected than ever to the world as a whole.

The advantages are more than evident, they represent a huge advance in the sense that it facilitates the free expression of ideas, thoughts, knowledge, news… One of the great areas benefited has been education, thanks to educational software, a motivating environment has been achieved to work on the cognitive stimulation of the youngest.

But what repercussions does that have on our lives?

Although ICTs are not good or bad by themselves, we could consider that they are all advantages, that accessibility and connection can not bring anything negative. But the fact is that harmful repercussions can appear, mainly derived from the misuse and abuse of these tools.

When we speak of misuse we refer to the use of ICT as a means to insult, cheat, harass, or create any harm to another person.

Regarding abuse, it is the state that is reached when the hours of exposure to ICTs are increased to the point where certain activities and responsibilities are disregarded due to being connected.

It is interesting to benefit from all the tools that allow us to grow and evolve both work, personally and socially but, for this, it is essential to make responsible use of them. We must be alert to the warning signs that may indicate that we are entering a certain degree of abuse, for example, fear and anxiety to go without the mobile phone, the abandonment of tasks or recreational activities due to being connected, the excess of hours of exposure to ICT. Making us aware of our relationship with these will allow us to have greater control over the use, being we who direct that relationship not those that are being directed. We can implement some tips to deal with ICT without falling into excess, such as turning off the phone during social gatherings or meals, prioritize reality to the virtual world, perform activities that relieve us of stress.



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