The M2M Communication in the World of The Internet of Things

“So, in the interests of survival, they trained themselves to be agreeing machines instead of thinking machines. All their minds had to do was to discover what other people were thinking, and then they thought that, too.”

By Kurt Vonnegut.

The so-called IoT or the Internet of Things, is a term more than known or should be already at this point for any actor that is part of this new technological revolution.

But for it to meet its objectives, this technology requires a series of communications called machine-to-machine (M2M).

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What exactly is the M2M language and how does it work? How can it be used to improve our business?

M2M intercommunication is considered any technology that allows devices that are in the same network, exchange information and perform actions in a completely autonomous way.

This avant-garde form of communication, nowadays, is mainly used for the remote supervision of the machine itself and the environment in which it is located. Later we will see more concretely its applications and what its implementation means for the success of our companies.

M2M communication vs. IoT

The definition of the term M2M may sound quite similar to the IoT technology, and while people may confuse them, or even think that they are the same, there are great differences in concepts between the two terms.

Let’s see below what are:

The machine-to-machine communication is, as it can be interpreted, the connection between the different devices that are within the same network, and this is what allows IoT capabilities and solutions. We must consider the M2M language as the base level of communication, while the Internet of Things is using that communication to provide a solution, such as in the industrial sphere or even in our personnel.

Imagine for a moment the oven of a Smart Factory, where there is an M2M communication between a temperature sensor that is inside it, the system that generates heat and our mobile device. For that communication machine to machine within the same network, would allow an IoT solution, because if for a moment the temperature sensor breaks down or stops working, the heat generation system will automatically be disconnected for safety and a warning will be sent to our mobile device.

We can get a clear idea of ​​the infinite and incredible possibilities that the application of both technologies can bring to our day to day, many of which have not yet been possible to implement, until now.

The main tech elements that are involved in this technology are the sensors (generally those that can send data wirelessly), of course a wireless network and finally a computer connected to the Internet.

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Advantages of an IoT platform for the M2M machine tool

Known the protagonists of these systems M2M, we will have to follow the following order for an optimal implementation:

1. The sensors must be placed in strategic places in order to obtain the required data in an optimal and accurate manner.

2. These, in addition, must be connected to the wireless network that is connected to the Internet, in order to send the collected data in real time.

3. Once these data are already being collected and sent wirelessly, an operator or even the system itself must supervise, through specific software, this flow of data obtained to check at all times that everything is working correctly.

M2M applications in our day to day.

This technology is already a fundamental aspect for the present and future of warehouse management, robotics, traffic, logistics services, the supply chain, vehicle fleets and even telemedicine.

Examples of applications where the M2M is assuming an element of great changes and great technological evolution for our environment today are:

  • Product replenishment is changing as vending machines inform the distributor when a particular item is running out.
  • Public utilities use M2M communications, both in the collection of gas and petroleum products and in the invoicing of customers.
  • Health care is evolving with the implementation of special monitors that collect information about the patient’s temperature or even during the intake of medications.

Every day, companies, engineers, scientists, doctors and many others are finding new ways to use this 4.0 communication to reinvent business models, how to work in places like hospitals and everything we can imagine.

Therefore, once we know the functioning of the M2M communication and how it is reinventing the world we know, we can see that this technology is an undoubted opportunity to catapult our business to another level of efficiency and performance, creating a competitive advantage that It can make us stand out from the competition if we decide to launch ourselves to lead the change.

Many companies around the world have already considered implementing this innovative way of communicating within their companies in order to address the major challenges of production, performance, quality and costs that present great challenges for the continuous improvement of business and achieve their goals.

If we want to be part of this revolution and decided to launch the implementation of this type of communication in our business, we must consider that we must establish a strategy to find out which data are the most important to quantify and which of them can add value to our business and the way we want to work with them.

On the other hand, we must be clear that there must be a clear structure, since the implementation of this type of communication will involve for our business the entry of tens of thousands of devices, which must be well organized, and can be managed from a simple and fast way, while the collected data must be reliable and accurate.

The new industrial revolution 4.0 is already here, along with the great challenges that this will entail for everything that surrounds us (healthcare, industrial, business and even our own), reinventing the world as we knew it until now.

This new form of intercommunication represents the main technological enabler that has the capacity to transform our Industry into the new connected Industry, and as such, to be able to speak of a new stage of the industrial and technological evolution in our country, key in the success of the companies pioneers who decide to take this important but exciting step, joining this great revolution.

Therefore, we are looking forward to tell us about your exciting project, to see how our great team of professionals and experts in the field, can help you optimally interconnect the tools of your business, so you only have to worry about continuing to navigate full sail towards the success of all your objectives.