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What is Playfunding?

In this incessant process of collaborative transformation that we talked about in other articles, a new initiative has come to light. We are talking about playfunding, a new concept of financing through the reproduction of advertisements, born from the hand of the start-up Helplays.

The playfunding emerges as a new form of collective financing or crowdfunding that includes three types of profiles: the creator, the player and the advertiser. For the playfunding to begin to take shape the creator must take the first step: register on the Helplays platform and define a project that requires funding.

Once the project is created, the advertiser will be the one who decides to invest in the initiative through the publication of an advertising spot. Finally, the player will be responsible for the final outcome of the project through the reproduction of said announcement and the verification of the play through his email.

The player can also popularize an initiative by previously voting on the platform to get an advertiser.

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Which are the benefits of Playfunding?

The main advantage of this initiative is that it favors all its members. On the one hand, the creator of the project obtains financing; on the other, the advertiser helps develop initiatives related to your brand by improving your CSR and finally, the player can support all types of projects with just one play.

As consideration for your financial investment, the advertiser will receive a detailed tracking of the statistics of your campaign, with graphics of the replicas of your ad validated. In addition, the advertiser will only assume the cost of the verified plays and may establish a reward in the form of a gift, discount or promotion for users who see their spot. In this way you will increase traffic to your site, publicize a product, service  or value and generate brand reputation.


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