Reflexions about Climate Change and Global Warming

Human kind versus sustainability of the Earth.


In the era of modern industrialization, where robots, household appliances and cutting edge IT devices are ruling our lives, we are constantly hearing that global warming is caused by the improper use of fossil energies such as coal, petrol, natural gas and others, because of the emission of green house gases. However, what about the impact of our modern way of living to this climate change and global warming, is our domestic live modifying the earth’s wellbeing?

Have we ever thought about the following?

  1. We are about 6,5 billion in population.
  2. About 5 billions are living in developed and semi-developed countries, which means that they have access to a more comfortable way of living.
  3. This comfortable way of living involves having a car, air conditioning, a fridge, a boiler and other devices which emit heat anytime we use them.
  4. Let’s suppose that an 80 % of these 5 billion (conservative estimation) have at least one device from the above mentioned, then we can calculate the amount of heat emitted to the atmosphere every year and how does this heat contribute to increasing the temperature of the surrounding volume gas  that we breathe (air).
  5. 4,5 billion air conditioning with an accumulated use of 1 month/year non-stop, with an average used power of 1,5 kW/unit considering a yield of 50 %. This means that we generate and emit 3 kWh every hour per device. A total amount of 2160 kWh per year and unit, 9720 Billion kWh emitted per year by only using our air conditioning.
  6. This 9720 Billion kWh contribute to heating the surrounding gas (the air we breathe).
  7. The volume of gas (air) will be the volume of the earth times 5 km approximately.
  8. Which is the contribution of the air conditioning usage within the global warming? So, having 9720 Billion kWh will slightly increase the temperature of the aforementioned volume every year.

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This is only the contribution from the air conditioning, let us think about our fridges or other household appliances which are emitting heat to the atmosphere. Do we have to act consequently, do we need to underestimate these effects, do we need to change our way of life to have a sustainable future?

As a conclusion, our comfortable way of living, without taking into account any luxuries (at least, these are not luxuries to the developed country, unfortunately), increases the temperature of the earth slightly some ºC’s per year and we are blaming other sources, which are obviously affecting but not the only ones.