Spain is ahead of Germany and the United Kingdom as a Country Favorable to Entrepreneurship

Two data concerning Spain draw attention in the last GEM World Report: the first is that we lead the entrepreneurial parity in Europe and, second, that Spain is ahead of countries such as Germany or the United Kingdom as a context favorable to entrepreneurship.


Fernando Pessoa, the Multiple Writer

Fernando Pessoa was, perhaps, one of the most important writers in Portuguese literature and a very influential author in modernity. He was one of those who introduced the avant-garde movement in his country and bequeathed us the creation of heteronyms, the literary identity that marked his work.

Bundling Price Strategy

The subject of the price and its strategies has been one of those that, lately, more interest I see that it has awakened, so we are going to speak of a simple strategy, one of the many explained in the material “How to set your prices”.

Umberto Eco: Biography of a Novelist and Philosopher

Umberto Eco is one of the most interesting thinkers of the 20th century in Europe. His work spanned several fields and, perhaps, is world-renowned for his novel The Name of the Rose. But Eco contributed much more, was a pioneer in the field of semiotics and cultural studies. Do you want to discover the keys to your thinking?